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The study examined the impact of office technology on job performance of an office manager. The main objective of the study is to examine the impact of office technology on job performance on job performance of an office manager. The specific objectives are as follows to find out how office technology can improve productivity and the quality of work in an organization, to find out whether an organization can benefit from technological advancement.The population of the study comprises of 100 office managers in different organization in the State which include Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC), and Nigeria Coca cola Company Nigeria Limited. Findings revealed that that office technology is vital to the office managers and staffs promote organizational productivity by applying office technological advantage however, there are problems faced by office managers in the management of modern office technologies even as the office manager carry out all duties with the help of modern technology. Based on the findings of the study, summary, conclusion and recommendations are made that Private business organizations should procure as many modern office technological gadgets as are available in the market to enable for the increment of their productivity the office secretaries, Organizations should procure as many modern office technological gadgets as are available in the market to enable office managers increase their productivity, business should enable their employees to perform their functions being computer literate and to be office technological oriented, nstitutions of higher learning should include office technology and management in their curriculum to train their students on .the role of modern technology on modern business.





Modern society is characterized by the use of knowledge to solve practical problems. For society or organization to meet up her set objectives effectively, there has to be an advancement in the use of modern technology. The introduction of sophisticated machines into the office in this era of technological advancement has raised an interrogation amongst workersto ascertain whether the traditional functions of the office manager would be eroded by the use of machines. This dreadfulness led to the act of sabotage to these office technologies especially where there was communication gap between the organizations, management and the workers prior to the introduction of such innovations.

The western countries have gone fully to technological innovations by which the works formerly done manually by office workers are now performed by machines. One of the areas technological innovation and automation affect is the office manager’s function. Other areas such as accounting and sales are also affected.

The office manager who is an indispensable instrument of an organization, must therefore, be exposed to training on the use of as many different types of office machines and equipment as possible. Chouldhi (1983) had observed that modern office technology plays a significant role in the development of any society; it enables individuals exposed to perform certain operations. In view of this, modern office technology makes the office manager’s profession to be more effective, attractive, interesting lucrative and improve the quality of office manager’s job.

Modern office technology brings about mass production. Different types of machines are used in the organizations and each personnel is assigned to undertake a different operation that makes division of labour possible. However, modern office technology, which resulted in mass production can also result to folding up of an organization or makes it less profitable. In any area of human endeavour including business transaction, the primary, need in the office operation has been to get information efficiently and accurately for storage and retrieval purposes. With the use of machines such as computers, electronic typewriters, scanning machines, stapling machines, internet computers fax machine, franking machines, microfilming etc. with the use of these machines, the office manager stand to gain more, and it is to determine the impact of modern office technology on the job performance of the office manager is this study undertaken.


An efficient and effective office manager is one who is familiar with the use of office machines, such as computers, electronic mails, word processor, telex, electronic typewriter with complex memories etc.

Inspite of these, some office managers object to the introduction of office machines; that it causes unemployment while others welcome them saying that they bring about work efficiency and effectiveness. This argument therefore needs to be investigated.

Before, the duties of an office manager was done with the use of manual typewriter by taken down shorthand dictation, and transcribing same with the manual typewriter, filing, giving and receiving information,processing and editing information before it would be dispatched, writing of report etc. but now, technology has made the office manager’s office automated to improve activities at work place.

Modern office workers need training to be experienced operators of these technologies. The absence of such experience and trained workers may set the organization backward or the office manager needs to be trained. This is the bedrock of this study, to find out the impact of office technology on job performance of an office manager.


The main purpose of this study is to examine the impact of office technology on job performance of an office manager. To achieve this objective, the study will be looking into the following areas:

  1. To find out how office technology can improve productivity and the quality of work in an organization.
  2. To find out whether an organization can benefit from technological advancement.
  3. To find out whether modern technology can cause unemployment in the labour market.
  4. To find out whether the office manager needs be trained for the use of modern technologies permeating in every aspect of organizations.
  5. To find out if the introduction of modern technology will create more jobs for the office manager.


The output of this study is hoped to provide useful information for people and organization.

Those to benefit from this study will include:

the students of Office Technology and Management especially graduating students. No graduate will like to be inadequately informed about the potential of modern technology in an office after completing his or her programme. This study will enable graduates to adequately prepared to accept computer.

Another group of people to benefit from the result of this study is the management of organizations. This will provide succor to them to know the importance of modern technology; it will also make them to employ office managers with adequate knowledge and understanding of office automation.

The educational sector will also benefit from this study, because it will help school administrators to design school curriculum that will incorporate the study of modern office facilities.

Practicing office managers will also benefit from this study because it will highlight the need to be up to date in proficiency in the use of modern technologies so as to remain relevant.


The following are research questions formulated to assist the researcher to be able to carryout his study:

  1. Does modern office technology enhance the office manager’s productivity and efficiency?
  2. How office technology does aids the office manager to do his job effectively and efficiently?
  3. Is there any challenge encountered by the office manager in cause of changing from the work being done manually to modern office technology?
  4. Does much training in modern office technology enables the office manager to attain greater responsibility and efficiency?
  5. Does modern office technology reduces waste of resources?


The study is limited to the office managers’ profession with emphasis on its impact on the performance of an office manager in selected companies in Port Harcourt. The scope of this study covers some large companies such as Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC), and Nigeria Cocacola Company Nigeria Limited.


The researcher had some problems in course of working on this project. Some of the problems met were:

Inadequate fund to invest into the study.

Difficulties in getting connected with the respondents to complete the questionnaire on time.

The researcher encountered stress in the course of moving from one company to the other.


Automation:    The process of using machine to do the work that was formerly done by hand or manually.

Permeate:        To spread to every part of a place or of an object. To affect every part of something. A belief that permeates all level of society.

Technology: Scientific knowledge used in practical ways in industry.

Office: A building or room used for work.

Modern: Of the present time or recent time.

Sophisticated: Having a lot of experience of the world and knowing about fashion, culture and other things that people think are socially important; (of machine, system, etc) clever and complicated in the way that it works or is presented.

Dreadfulness:  Causing fear or suffering.

SUCCOR (Succor):        Help that you give to somebody who is suffering or having problems.

Organization:  A group of people who form a business, club, etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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