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This automatic 12volts battery charger is a device used to restore the electrical energy to the battery after the battery has been discharged. The automatic 12volts battery charger is designed to use electricity as it’s sources of switch regulator, transistor, diode, light emitting diode, capacitor and Zener diode. The charger is designed and constructed to deliver full current until the current drawn by the battery falls to 180MA. At this time, a lower voltage is applied to finish off and keep the battery from overcharging by switching off itself. When the battery voltage drops below 12volts, Zener diode turns off and the regulator again provides charging current.





The world today is fast becoming a global village due to the adventuring, explorations and researches made by scientist in various fields of study including engineering.

This need gave us the drive to more researches on automatic 12V battery charger. These system are normally operated manually by humans when the battery is fully charged  which is stressful and time consuming with these construction of automatic 12V battery charger, the charger then put energy into a secondary cell or (rechargeable battery) by forcing an electronic current through it. This charging protocol depends on the size and type of the battery being charged.

In this case, DC source are used to supply power to smaller equipment for a short duration with in a very short distant. Therefore the ability to sustain these little voltage source was a major problem to electrical engineers of old. Electric energy can also be stored for various uses after it has been generated, either to be used at a later time or at a remote area to power some of our daily used equipment which could be done by use of batteries. So it is very much economical to have this arrangement so that power is not wasted when battery is fully charged due to  forgetfulness or any other activities.


The scope of this study is limited to develop a simple low cost automatic battery changer (construction/designed electrical electronics circuit) used to restore changes and energy into D.C battery voltage source. The battery charger is a device that incorporates charge control circuitry to charge battery for consumer products.

Battery chargers are used by a wide variety of equipments in both the residential and the commercial/industrial sectors.

Typical battery charging system includes.

     Electronic devices with a battery that are normally charged from A.C. line voltage or DC input voltage through an internal or external power supply and a dedicated battery charger.

     The battery and battery changer components of devices that are designed to run on battery power part or all of their operations.

     Dedicated battery system primary designed for electrical or emergency backup.

     Devices whose primary functions is to charge batters along with the batteries they are designed to charge.

     The charging circuitry of battery charger systems may or may be located within the hosing of the end use devices itself. In many cases, the battery may be charged and power supply combination that is separated from the device that runs on power from the battery.

1.2   AIM

To construct an automatic 12volt battery charger.


The objective is to achieve the implementation of automatic 12volt battery charger without manually switching on and off.


     Power Failure

     Non-Availability of component

     Financial Difficulty

     Inadequate of apparatus in the lab to carry-out test


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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