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This research project centers on the role of personnel training and development on the achievement of organization goals. In carrying out the research, the problem issued were first examined through the explanation of the background of the study after that the research were formulated. The questionnaire survey design. These was necessitated by the need to make use of primary data throughout the process. The statistical tools used in analyzing frequency tables. The conclusion is arrived at included the fact that personnel training and development improved productivity. Skills acquired during trainings manifest in increased productivity of the organization because better way of production are learnt during trainings. Another finding, is that benefits for Khana Local Government Council organization devises from training its work force are far more than what it costs the organization to carry the training program out. It was equally determined that personnel training and development improves the words of the employees. Their ego is booted when they undergo training and attend seminar and workshops. The beneficiaries of personnel training and development include the trained staff themselves, the organization that trains them, the share holders and the Khana local government Council itself. The workers who constantly undergo training have higher efficiency rate than those who do not. The recommendations made are that organization should design annual training program for their work force for them to reap the full benefits of training and development. That workers should be tested within the organization, after each training. To determine those that actually acquired the knowledge and skill taught during the training it was also recommended that training experts should always be engage to train the staff to ensure that the training program agrees with the needs of the organization and relevant to the work of the staff invaded. All these recommendation were intended to improve the role of personnel training development on the achievement of organization goals.




The focus of the research is on the training and development of personnel of an organization and the role it plays in the attainment of the goals of the organization. This is necessary because there have been arguments as to the merits or demerits of personnel training and development. Furthermore, the methods employed in personnel training and development in personnel training and development have been sources of argument in recent times.


Many professional trainers and consultants on issues concerning personnel, argues against personnel training and development. According to Ibekwe (1984:58). Probably obvious is the fact that training programmes do not seem to have achieved sufficient results in industries. In support of this argument is Beely (1973:97) who said that, ‘An issue that needs to be mentioned with regards to appropriateness or training is the question of disjointed briefcase courses that leave the participants more confused than they were before the course.

However, some other experts argue in favor of personnel training and development. According to Onu (1981:71) “It is true that some training may be in appropriate and unrelated to the realities of the firm, the situation is not hapless. All it emphasizes is that is necessary to identify training gaps and take appropriate measures to fill these gaps rather from training program that only serve to confuse the personnel exposed to such training. It is therefore, the position of this research to explore the various training methods beneficial to business organizations. It will ascertain the more effective means of manpower training and development. The research will equally determine whether it is beneficial or nor, for business organizations to embark on training and personnel development programs.


Obviously, many people in Khana Local Government Council have viewed training as not a true test of knowledge. But it is also true of knowledge. But it is also true that there is not other way, at the ordinary level, to test for knowledge except by training.

Therefore the problem of this research will be looked at from how

  1. Personnel training programme boost productivity of workers in Khana Local Government Council.
  2. Personnel training and development do not agree on the best method to achieve that object or importing knowledge in improving the staff.


The main purpose of this is to explain in detail for better understanding, the role of personnel training and development in an organization, as an element to improve current performance and provide a suitably trained staff. The maintenance of human relationship and ensuring the physical well being of employees to meet present and future needs. Also, its achievement of organizational growth and harmony have to be carried out with the management principles effectively so that they will give maximum contribution of efficient wording ability which can be successfully maintained in an organization to develop it policy effectively.


This research is significant in many ways. It is significant to the business world in that it will provide them with more effective methods of manpower training and development. It will equally expose the various benefits derivable from personnel training and development.

The research is also relevant in the sense that employees will learn what they stand to gain from training and development.

The research is significant to the entire academic world too. It will add to the volume of academic research already in existence. It helps contribute to the volume of knowledge existing in the world. The research will also serve us a source of referenced to future researcher. In other words, it will serve as basis for future researches on the issues involved.


In order to carry out a thorough investigation on the subject under consideration, the following research questions shall be formulated.

  1. Did you think there is the need for Khana Local Government to embark on personnel training programs?
  2. How would you evaluate the result of personnel training programs and development in Khana Local Government Area.
  3. Would you say workers who have undergone training programs have high morals at work than those who have not undergone such training.
  4. Does personnel training programs boost productivity level of workers in Khana Local Government council.


Certain problems cropped up in the course of this research. Itemized as follows:

  1. Insufficient time frame: This research project period with the period used in procuring for the semester examinations. It was therefore, a little tedious giving attention to the two important academic programs.
  2. Inadequate funds: Initially, There was not enough money to commence the project financially got started.

iii. Scarcity of materials: The research of personnel training and development in an organization. There are few materials on this issue in the libraries. It therefore entailed visiting one library after another in search of materials relevant to the issue involved in the project with little funds at the researchers deposit it turned out to be a very difficult venture.

  1. Distribution and retrieval limitation: There were obstacles encountered during the distribution and retrieval of the questionnaire forms among the staff of the Local Government. It took many trips to and from the Local Government to distribute and retrieve the forms after they had been filled by the respondents


  1. Population: This term described the total number of things or people whose number of things or studied in a research project.
  2. Sample: A few selected members of the population meant to serves as representatives of that population

iii. Performance: This term is used to described the achievements or failures.

  1. Efficiency: This is state of reducing cost of production and or increasing the quality of goods produced while the quality remain the same.
  2. Contribution: The term refers to an certain role played to achieve a particular purpose in conjunction with efforts from other sources.
  3. Organization: This is a term for any establishment or undertaking of human endeavors.

vii. Personnel: This is another for staff, and refers to the employees of an organization


Complete Material Cost #3,000

Order for Complete Material now


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