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The purpose of the study examine office manager’s assessment of internet facilities and its effect on office work today. Four research question were study, to examine how  e-mail have affected communication in the office work today, how E-commerce have affected office work today and how E-banking have affected staff payment, and payment for goods and services. The entire population of 60 office managers assessment of internet facilities. A four point rating scale questionnaire containing 9 items were used for data collection. Data were analyzed using simple percentages to answer the research question. Findings reveals that the internet is an important medium for conducting business and communication and is use for sending data and messages for business and individual consumer in the organization which are generally accepted by all its respondents while as an information highway it is being rejected and as the respondents also disagree that it enables the organization to access information from any distance. Based on the findings of the study summary, conclusion and recommendations were made that Managers should always strive hard to update his/her knowledge to aid the efficiency and effectiveness of operation of the organization before the need may arise, managers should try as much as possible to know more about internet facilities to enable the organization to exchange information within and outside the organization, , and managers is expected to compose and send letters or document within a short period of time through email, which is also among internet facilities.





The internet began as an experiment by the United States department of defense in the 1960s to help scientist and researchers from widely diereses areas work together by sharing scarce and expensive computer and their files. This goals required the creation of a set of connected network that would act as a co-ordinate whole. According to Mborun (2007), the internet, the world wide web and its development technology as we have it today are contribution of scientist student and researchers each contribution at different time as the need arises.

In July 1990, Learnard Kleinrock of Massachusetts Institute to technology (M.I.T.) http// published the first paper on packet swathing which is a technology that breaks up data into bits to enable it travel through witching commuter network. The idea of packet switching was to allow more users to send text message over computer network. Then in 1992 JCR Licklider presented his idea about Galelcltic network. This involves a global collection of computer in a huge network so that  each one could access the data and programmes of others. This earned MLiklier the headship of the Defence Academic Researcher projects Agency. His mission according to a report was to maintain its technological superiority over her enemies in the impending cold war. From then on, the idea of network computer for information sharing became important.

Also between 1967 and 1969 LearnardKlerrock idea of packet switching and JCR Lcklider Defence Advance Research project agency network net was on and running of this brought about computer network, capable of sending and receiving packet. The base line of these introductory problems this makes us understands that the internet as we have it today was in the womb of the intelligence military exigencies. In the resulting internet is responsible for message routing and its spread throughout the network instead of being centered in one location by the early 90s past of the network had evolved into the publicity assessable internet, in large part the internet now over two decades old has grown in popularity because of the use of browsers.


In today business world, organization is becoming concerned with high productivity of its employees. In order for private and public business organizations to achieve these objectives. Business organization is being connected to internet resources for the effective performance of the secretary. The secretary had many things to offer more than being assistance to an executive processing without direct supervision who display initiative exercise judgment and make decision within the scope of his/her authority. This task of a secretary being on many computer illiterate secretary it is worth mentioning that as more internet facilities in the office are introduced the more organizations demand for qualified computer literate secretary. Employers need secretaries who have skill and knowledge in computer. There is hardly any advancement of secretaries that does not ask for computer literate.

But employers complain that it is difficult to find secretaries with the skill urgently need for business survival and growth. This limits the employed opportunities for some secretaries


The main purpose of the study is to examine office manager’s assessment of internet facilities and its effect on office work today. Specifically, this study intends to find out:

1) How e-mail has affected communication in the office work today.

2) How E-commerce has affected office work today.

3) How E-banking has affected staff payment, and payment for goods and services.


In order to make an implicit work and to help in the analysis of the office manager’s assessment of internet facilities and its effect on office work today the researchers frames these research questions base, of the objectives of the study.

1) To what extent does e-mail affect office work today?

2) To what extent has E-commerce, affected office work today?

3) To what extent has E-banking affected staff payment, and payment for goods and services?


The study will be of great significance to the students of colleges of education, polytechnic and university which are the procedures of a secretary. It will enable it structure its programme to provide student with adequate needed secretarial skill for the 21st century.

It will help secretaries to know the latest internet facilities available in the area of employment opportunities and reduce the unemployment problems. It will also help employers to understand the competence of secretaries on graduation.

To help bring improvement in the productivity of business organization as they connect to the internet world. It will also enable employers to design and organize appropriate training progammes that will assist them to perform well on the job. Academicians and researchers who may wish to explore this area of study will further use it.


This study was carried out on some selected organization in Port Harcourt Metropolis. The researchers decided to limit this study to the areas to avoid travelling to other institution outside Port Harcourt and more importantly, the difficulty of combining the study with class work.


Office manager:      An office manager is a business professional, who is responsible for a diverse set of administrative tasks.

Internet: It is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols.

E-banking:      It is a method of banking in which the customer conducts transactions electronically via the Internet.

E-mail:    It is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication.

E-commerce:  It is a commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet.

Social Media: Websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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