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Others attempted to provide on over view of news audience attention strategy in Radio programming specifically it examined the audience attention catching techniques in use of Radio Rivers in the course of its programming. The study made use of cluster sampling method, with the audience under zoned into four areas in Port Harcourt’s about five important departments of Radio Rivers. The finding revealed that audience attention is more concentrated to news programming and that of Radio Rivers advert style of catching lore audience attention is help generate the much needed fund.  Finding, the study found that the courses of frequent break in Radio Rivers transmission, is due to lack of proper maintenance of equipment and poor funding of the station, it was however based on the forgoing that it was recommended that effective and efficient news format be put in use, that the present method of news presentation be improved upon, while a more purposeful and effective audience attention strategy be utilized to attract a larger listenership, is the government improves on the proper funding to the station as a master of agency.





Radio Rivers 11 FM stereo was established on May 2nd 1981 by the Rivers State government, who thus has the sole responsibility for its funding, management and maintenance. Thus the station operate on transmit on 99.128 mega hertz (mhz).

The frequency modulated (fm) radio operates at a very higher frequency band the AM (amplitude modulated) as it permits the signal (though digital) to travel in a straight line rather than bonding them of the atmosphere.

This station’s programming format is centrally based on information, music and entertainment, thus enhancing its viability and fluency in terms of its target audience essentially, the station was primarily established to serve the purpose of informing, educating and enlightening the people of Rivers State in particularly and to her sister state about the various programmed and policies of government, so that our nation or collective goals can be easily achieved, and the pursuit of this purpose is clearly espoused in the various identifiable jingles for which Radio Rivers is well known of.


The problems facing Radio Rivers recently, with growth of many Radio stations on the air waves and amidst today’s communication explosion is therefore the need to attract a larger listening population and the ability to retain them, since there is an availability of choice over what broadcast content consumers wish to consume.

Conclusively, there is an immediate need to create a more appealing and enticing radio programme strategy in order to be able to maintain the loyalty of your listening audience. This awareness, coupled with the face that major government policies now appear to be going on without the much needed impact and attention causing the people a lot of concern as it is incidentally the problem of interest in this research work. Thus, does the ignorance about government programmes and polices be traced to lack of interest in listening to Radio Rivers,  or is it due to inadequate or low technical know how?

This among other’s related issues I shall endeavour to resolve in this study and thus make appropriate recommendations where necessary.


The following are the few objectives which this study will reveal.

  1. To find out the opinion and attitude of audience towards the technique.
  2. To streamline the audience/attention catching techniques adopted by Radio Rivers in its programming.
  3. To make appropriate recommendations based on the above mention objectives.


Outlined below are the research questions will discuss in this research work.

  1. What is the opinion of the listening audience towards there techniques.
  2. What audience attention catching technique does Radio Rivers adopt in its day to day programming?
  3. How effective are these techniques.
  4. How effective is the transmission and the covered area.


The most importance significance of this study is such that it does not aim at discerning new ground in the study of radio programming, rather it primary objective is centered at finding solution to various identified problems as well as going a long way in comparing Radio Rivers 11 FM stereo with other available stations with regard to programming, finding and technical ability in their effort to reach their target audience. In view, the study will enhance people’s knowledge or radio programming, revealing its importance in audience maintenance.

The result of the study is therefore, aimed to be of immense benefit to both organization theorists and radio managers.

Finally, the study whose main thrust is the discovery of a much better and appropriate radio programming via-a sound radio station if adequately maintained will help result in organization success.


This study is limited to Radio Rivers 11 FM stereo programmes and a selected Rivers station in and around Rivers State. It will thus, examine the operationalities of the stations and how effective they have been in their pursuit. Furthermore, the study will seek to discover the programming modes/format adopted by Radio Rivers and how effective these have been in contributing to the success or otherwise of the stations.


This study cannot be said to have encountered one problem or the other, realizing the various difficulties abound in a society like ours. Not been readily accessible to relevant materials coupled with the need to meet with some government officials who dwell too much on official secretly, unnecessary bureaucracy and selfish service syndrome, all added to compound the problem further.

It was also limited by lake of time at my disposal was a very big noticeable hindrance towards the successful completion of this research work.

Finally, the study is carried out in a very curtail time, when there is a very heavy academic schedules. However, in spite of these setbacks, I shall be able to articulate both materials and human resources to achieve a successful work.


Radio: Is a technical medium through which message are conveyed to wide range of audience.

Programming: Is a process of selecting the best and material for a pre-determined target audience.

F.M (Frequency Modulation): Electronics modulation of varying carrier wave frequency.

Strategy: Is a process of planning mapping out ways of solving a perceived/given problem(s) and finding a way out.

Audience: Is a aggregate number of persons forming the listeners, readers and viewers for different media those who tune to any channel or a particular message types or news constitute the audience of such media.

Promos: This is an internal advertisement of programmed of a station.

Jingles: This is a set of short musical recording, all designed around a common musical theme and usually related to the station identification.

Data base: It is an electronic store of information in fields and records which can be retrieved at any point in time using a unique field.

Internet: Is a collection of hundreds of thousands of smaller contacted network all inter connected to form a high speed link of information spanning an entire planet.

Microphone: This is an electro-mechanical device that converts sound of a voice and music signal who electrical signal.

Demography: It is used to itemized population density along the line of sex, age, religion, income, education and occupation.


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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