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Students have to search the internet each time to know about any news updates like exam results etc in the college website. The project entitled “Result Alert System” is a system which sends latest news updates from college website to a student, either via SMS or E-mail or both. The system is developed so that students do not miss out on any alert and save their valuable time. When they subscribe this service, they will be notified with latest relevant news of their interest. Every student of the college can register in this system to access this service. The system extracts the latest news from the college website and sends updates to the registered students. Only the registered students will receive the notifications. The students subscribing this service will receive the alerts. Every student will receive a username and password from the admin, to login in this system.





The  current  academic  environment  is  dominated  by  the  use  of  advanced  communication technologies. Such technologies are used extensively by students and staff at institutions of higher learning for accessing and disseminating information. A closer look at the gadgets around us, it is clear that we are becoming more comfortable with wireless communication systems; there is no doubt that the world is moving towards wireless communication. In this Project, we present a way to bring information to students by leveraging the availability of phones (with SMS capability), especially cell phones. We review the use of mobile phones for delivering examination results via Short Messaging Service (SMS) in Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, where student who have written examinations and anxious to see their results need to get their grades in a convenient and accessible way, whether in the comfort of their homes, on the road or while at work.

Computers with the power of the internet have thrived in aiding communication among people. The telephone system, which is the main communication system that was invented several years ago, had undergone a great improvement, so much that today we have fixed wireless phones, mobile phones and the likes. With the rapid development of mobile phones come several services like the Short Messaging Service (SMS), Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and others, which are readily available and add to the usefulness of mobile phones. SMS in particular is widely used in communication; most recently has been leveraged to provide several services like airtime ticketing, banking services, commercial services such as share and sell( and other services provided by MTN Nigeria), where subscribers can easily share and or sell airtime and several others. . SMS is a mobile technology that allows for sending and receiving text or even binary messages to and from a mobile phone.

Mobile phone seems to be an asset most individuals’ posses, and take almost everywhere with them, it is therefore a highly effective means of bringing information to them faster, easily and on the move. An SMS result checking system not only enables students to request for their grades, the system can also deliver the grades to their phones as soon as the grades become available. This means that they can access their grades even in the remotest locations where internet facility might be unavailable, preventing them from accessing the school’s website. This study shows the implementation of such system and considers the security issues associated. The system enforces security with the use of secret information (password), and also provides access to new and old grades.

The major advantage of SMS is its cost effectiveness, and availability, as most individuals own phone. In different parts of the world, several service providers offer mobile services which include SMS. Most times the cost attached to sending a SMS is relatively small, and most providers do not charge when receiving SMS. Sometimes, service providers give users certain amount of free SMS per month, which allows customers send and receive unlimited number of SMS messages. It is possible to acquire a special dedicated line that uses a custom rate for messages sent to the number; it is also possible to have a number as toll free, making it free for users to send SMS to the number. All these contribute to what makes SMS a really cost effective means of disseminating information.


The effort expended in the process of registration of students and computation of their examination results is awesome. Quite worrisome is the fact that these processes are carried out every academic session, putting the operators in a continuous and ever demanding cycle. The computation of examination results and registration of students is obviously an object-centered activity, the student being the dominant object in this case. Hence, the need to evolve a computerized process that will effectively and efficiently capture all the important data associated with the registration and examination result processing within the Polytechnics and the interactions among the objects.

Students’ Examination Result is the summary of each of the semester or two years performance in a diploma program for ND or HND to be terminable. A students’ Result is also demanded by a student who has finished a Diploma and wishes to transfer to another school or student who wishes to get a job. A Transcript is not given directly to a student. It is sent to the school that the student wishes to be transferred, or to the organization or establishment that requires the result.

A students’ Result is prepared or formed by the scores entered on the designed score sheet by the individual subject lecturers on semester examinations. This genuine and noble desire necessitated the design and development of the Undergraduate Registration and Examination Processing System software.


When a student attends an academic institution (s), a record is kept which traces his/her academic history. The students’ examination Result displays a record of all the credit and grades a student has acquired at each school attended. Below are frequently asked questions about students examination Results.

  • How is a student’s examination Result used?

By all students:

Student can use a student’s examination Result as a means of monitoring their credit classes and grades and to make sure the information is accurate. Students use an “Unofficial student’s examination Result “for this purpose. When a student is applying to another college or university, enrolling institution will require for an official students examination Result so that credits can be evaluated by the enrolling institution.

An enrolling institution conducts a student’s examination result evaluation to place a student at his or her appropriate academic level.

  • How can I obtain a student’s examination Result?

Student must request their students’ examination Result from the office of Record or from the office of the Registrar. Each school has its own student’s examination Result release procedures.

Because students examination Result requests are covered by the family Educational Rights and privacy. Act ,students ( giving name, date of attendance ,and social security number), or provide proper documentation when appearing in person often schools provide a “Request for official students examination Result “form .A small fee is usually charged .The difference between official and unofficial students examination Result is that ,official students examination Result must meet certain standards and be sent directly from one institution to another .In some cases, the college will accept an official students examination Result from the student if it hand delivered in a sealed envelop. Unofficial students’ examination Result can be sent directly to a requesting student. It could be marked as an unofficial student’s examination Result or issued to students but not all schools issue these.

  • Will all my credit be transferred?

Each school has its own transfer credit acceptance policies. Credit transfer problems can result if:

  • An institution does not have proper accreditation.
  • Certain courses are taken (e.g. base skills or physical education courses) that are not approved for transfer.
  • The amount of credit hours earned exceeds the maximum amount the institution will transfer.
  • The enrolling institution has a difficult time evaluating a course.
  • The course work is over 10years old. colleges often require appreciate catalogs or course descriptions


Students in the higher institution suffer the following;

(1) Delay in accessing grades in the various courses offered which may be as a result of the distance of the student from the school

(2) Inaccuracy in pasted result sometimes due to typographical error


The objective of this study includes the following;

  1. To create a platform for easy delivering of student’s results and grades through SMS or Email.
  2. To present a platform for assessment of the performance of the students for academic quality and standard.
  3. To prevent unauthorized access or mutilation of the results of the students thereby maintaining data integrity.
  4. To help the users of the result database software (RDS) to manage the overall database environment by providing facilities for backup and recovery, security management, query optimization, concurrency control, and change management.


This project will only be concerned with the activity of sending already computed result  of students in Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori precisely Department of Computer science to their mail box or phones through  Short Message Service(SMS) via any network. This shows the process of degree of extension. Specifically in Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori  grade begins with A followed by AB, B, BC, C, CD, D, E and F.


The following are some terms commonly used in this project.

Communication: is the process by which meaning is assigned and conveyed in an attempt to create shared understanding.

Data: Raw information or it is fact and figure collected together for references.

Design: The art or process of deciding how something will look, works etc.

Direct Data Captured: Data is capture directly without a conversion stage, by means of the input devices such as mouse, keyboard, pen writers, cameras, fax, e.t.c.

Documentation: material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as record; written specifications and information that describes the product. The act of recording something in a document.

Email: Is a shortened version of two words “electronic mail”. It is a messaging system used to communicate between or around the world through the internet.

Input: is the term denoting either an entrance which are inserted into a system. These are hardware that helps to send data in form of input to the computer.

On-Line Data Entry: Data is entered directly into the computer one transaction at a time (also known as transaction processing) under program control.

Output: These are computer hardware that are responsible for giving out processed information.

Password: This is a secret code that a user must type into a computer to enable him or her access it or its applications. This is made up of numbers, letters, characters or contribution of any of the above categories.

Process: This is the management of transportation of data into useful information.

SMS: This stands for Short Message Service.

Software: the program and other operating information used by computer; also a set of programs written to carry out some task in the computer. Logical related programs that works together to control hardware.

Students: A person who is a learner or attends an educational institution.

Students Examination Result: An official record of student’s work that show the courses they have taken and the marks they have achieved.

System: A set of computer components i.e an assembly of computer hardware, software and peripherals functioning together.


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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