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The scope of this project is aimed at looking into the effect of land registration on property development in Rumuokoro  Rivers State. The work also examined the positive and negative effects of land registration on property development in Rumuokoro to ascertain the problem associated with land registration and also proffer solutions to identified problems. Chapter one introduced the background of the study statement of research problem, relevance of the study, scope of the study, limitation to the study and definition of specific terms, literature review, historical and economic background of the study area was dealt with in chapter two. While chapter three looked at research methodology, data were collected via the are of questionnaires, personal interview. The sample frame of the study embodies professionals in the ministries of land and property owners in  Rumuokoro. Appropriate statistical methods was used to analize data obtained, the work concluded that The study has critically harnessed the over whelming effects of land registration on property development not only in Rumuokoro but in Rivers State in general.





UDECHUKWU C.E (2006) Define land registration as a record held by the land registry which list the registered owner of a plot to know whether there are any legal charges upon its.

It is also the process of recording rights in land either in form of registration or deeds or else through the registration of tittles of land it is also well known that registration provides a sate and easy means of recording transaction on land since the hall mark of any transaction on land is security of file, which underrated conveyance, does not guarantee.

Property development does not occur in a vacum Land thus, if a plot of land is not being registered with appropriate authorities any development on such land could be in jeopardy since it is liable to trespass, legal guilt and multiple claims particularly if it is involved in compulsory acquisition by the government.  In Rivers State generally and particularly Rumuokoro and its environs, registration of tittle and deeds in land is a sole responsibility function of the ministry   of land however the major question bothering this research is “what is the Effect of land registration on property development in Rivers State using Rumuokoro as a case study.

The answer to this focal question would be revealed in subsequent chapters of this project.


Non Registration of land has created room for the following effects on property development, unregistered land are likely to be demolished by government

  1. Without payment of compensation when compulsorily acquired when carry out project for public interest
  2. Difficulty in registering the building

iii. Inability to obtain  loan from bank

  1. Create room for trespass
  2. Unable to lay claims, legal ownership in terms of C of O.


The following research questions would help to highlight the statement of problems

  1. How is land acquired in Rumuokoro
  2. What is the process of land registration in the study area
  3. What are the major types of properties that can be developed in the area
  4. What are the effect of non-registration of land on property development in the study area
  5. What is the fundamental relationship between registered land and property development in the study area?


The primary aim of this study is to examine the positive and negative effect of land registration on property development in Rumokoro

To achieve the about mentioned aim the, the following will be followed

  1. Identify the various ways of land acquisition in the study area
  2. To examine the procedure for land registration

iii. To find out if land registration has effect on property development

  1. To identify the effect of non- registration of land on property development


The significance of this cannot be underscored, it would highlight the positive and negative effect of land registration in Rumuokoro.  The finding and recommendations will be useful to subsequent future research on the subject. Professionals, investors and property developers and government would also benefit immensely from the study in the following ways.

  1. The number of registered and un-registered plots of land would be known to investors and property developers in the study area and this would serve as a guide
  2. The government would be able to identify at a glance, the number or types of properties in respect to which compensations could be paid during compulsory acquisition for public purposes as in the case of road idealization


The study basically covers detailed examination of the positive and negative effect of land registration on property development in  rumnokoro  it also identified the method, for land acquisition as well as types of development properties in the study area.

Although references  have quite often been made to other parts of Nigeria for purpose of comparison, the research is very restricted in coverage to rumuokoro in rivers sate.


Rumuokoro is a town in obio-akpor local government area of rivers sate of Nigeria. It is the meeting point of five major roads in Nigeria economy and the gate way to and from the city of Port Harcourt


It is the first point of call when arriving from warri, benin  city, lagos, Abuja, owerri, Onitsha and the port Harcourt international airport. It house multiple bus stops and travelers catch buses or taxis into any part of the port Harcourt city from there.


Romuokoro clan consist of five communities; rukpakwolusi, eligbolo, awalama, rumuagholu and elieke.


The strategic location of rumuokoro makes it one of the most population town to traveler to rivers sate. It  hosts federal government collage rumuokoro port Harcourt, Nigeria army 2 amphibious brigade  (bori camp), part of the air force base, community secondary. School, okoro odo, community primary school okoro odo. Okoro-odo community secondary, is located in RUMUAGHOLU town. Rumu agholu  is unique. Because of its hospitality, the town is witnessing the arrival of people from all over the world who are  relocating. The inhabitants of rumu agholu are very friendly, kind very intelligent, and well educated.


Some constrains or impediments were very imminent in the sources of carrying out this research project and these acted as limitations to the study

Firstly was financial constraints which had negative impact on the project right from its conception to completion.

There was, indeed have of adequate fund required for the research. For instance promises made by parents, relatives and friends were not forth coming and the sum of money realized was grossly inadequate for this type of study.

Secondly time was really a scarce resource as if was grossly inadequate. Much time needed for acquaintance with the study area and also for the actual field survey.

The lack of time necessitated apportionment of available time between routine class from lectures, test, assignment and the frequent field survey in the study area.

Thirdly there was unco-operative and nonchalant attitude of some of the respondents to the study area. This was clearly evidenced by their outright refusal to accept the questionnaires form the research during data collection, some collected and did not return while others misunderstood the purpose of the exercise as that meant for taxation by the government. Some officials in the ministry of land were reluctant in giving information.

Fourthly and perhaps lastly, there was dearth of relevant books and materials needed for the study. It is worthy to say that no much has been done on this subject by previous researchers with particular reference to the study area, thus the ideas are originated from research. However, despite the aforementioned constraints, the research was completed on schedule and its findings were quite rewarding.


The  researchers has deemed it necessary to define the following terms which made up  the topic of the study: registration has been defined in the oxford advanced learners dictionary as the act of making an official record of something or a document showing that an official record has been made of something which land  registration is also defined by the same  dictionary as the process of keeping proper records of ownerships  of various size and location of land by the government


Complete Material Cost #3,000

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