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The aim of this study is to assess the effect and the suitability of snail shell powder (SSP) as partial replacement of ordinary Portland cement in the concrete production. Snail shells were collected from Bori local market and where make free from any organic and inorganic matter and crush into pieces and further to fine powder such that it can pass through sieve. A mix ratio of 1 : 2 : 3 was used in the study. Test on fresh concrete were carried out for their workability and compressive strength. Cubes (150 x 150 x 150mm), cylinders of dimension 150mm diameter and 150 heights were casted. Accordingly a systematic replacement of OPC with 0%, 20%, 40% and 60% of snail shells powder (SSP) was carried out. The cubes were cured for different days of curing period 7 and 28 days. Compressive strength test were carried out on the concrete for different days of curing time. From the experimental result it can be seen that 0% is optimum with increase of compressive strength by 11.66% for 20% replacement of cement with SSP for 7 days curing period and decreases of compressive strength by 9.33%. The compressive strength drop to 7.05% when 60% SSP replacement is been made. The workability of concrete was also affected.





Snail shells is a waste product which is obtained from the consumption of a small greenish-blue marine snail, which rests in a V shaped spiral shell, found in many coastal regions. These shells are a very strong, hard material. These snail are found in the lagoons and mudflats of the coastal areas, the people in this area consume the edible part as sea food and dispose the shell as a waste product, but a large amount of these shells are still disposed off as waste and with disposal already constituting a problem in area where they cannot find any use for it, and large deposits have accumulated in many places over the years. It is with this view that this experimental study seeks to investigate into the suitability of snail shell ash as partial replacement for ordinary Portland cement in concrete. Also the interest in this experimental study is generated as a result of the fact that snail shell being what it is and with all the properties if possess should be useful for something else, if well processed, especially as a partial replacement of cement. The aim of this study is to assess the suitability of snail shell powder (SSP) as partial replacement for ordinary Portland cement.


The main aim of the study is to determine the effect and suitability of the wasted African giant snail shell as partial replacement of cement in construction.

The objectives of the study include

  1. To investigate the effect snail shell powder on the setting time of cement
  2. To determine the effect of the snail shell powder on concrete slump with the use of slump test
  3. To determine the effect of the snail shell powder on dry density of concrete
  4. To determine the effect snail shell dust on concrete strength.

1.3   The scope of this study

In this study, the waste African giant snail shell samples were taken from three different locations which is several distance apart in River’s State. They were processed in link with laboratory standard. e.g. make free from organic and inorganic  matter, air dried and crush, sieve analysis and visual examination were carried out on each of the sample and result were obtain and recorded.


The sample was only taken from three different location of several distance.

Some equipment and apparatus has some degree of errors and could not aid the determination parameters of the concrete.

The problems of collecting of materials are being faced by the researchers due to financial constraints.

The temperature was not measured because the apparatus is not available in the laboratory.


This study is divided into five major chapters; which the first objective of the study scope of study second chapter is a literature review that provides information on concrete and the African giant snail shell. The third chapter provides the procedure on how the study was carried out. Of the test that as been conducted to determine or evaluate the effect of the dust snail shell on the strength and stabilization. Then the final chapter includes the concluding of the study, recommendation are make for expanding our  knowledge on concrete strength with admixture of the dust snail shell.


Complete Material Cost #3,000

Order for Complete Material now

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